Can you guess this place ?

 Situated in North West corner of the city with well stacked symmetrical red sandstones. Having a legacy running over to the undivided British India and constant appearances in Punjabi movies. Can you tell me which place is this ? Ready to challenge your brain cells and imagination to guess the place ? Read ahead.

I have come up with an interactive idea of exploring the city. I would write about the description of the place through my eyes. The way i see it. There would be hints here and there. You would have to take a guess below in the comments. Ready ? Here you go.

Beginning with some geographical exploration of the place first.

Located in the North West corner of the city this place has a seasonal stream from the Shivaliks Patiala ki Rao forming the northern boundary. ‘VIDYA’ Path forms the southern boundary. Read the previous blog post to get clarity about major roads of the city.

This place is so huge that its spread over two sectors. Spread over an area of 550 acres this must the cities most populated space. After the Elante Mall obviously. This mall has an average monthly footfall of above 11 lakh.

Lets move to explore other aspects of the place. Architecture is next.

Built and designed by the Europeans the place has a structure built in such a way that its 360 degree reflection is visible in the water underneath. It’s a mesmerising and aesthetically pleasing view indeed. Need another hint ? The structure can accommodate upward of 500 people and rhymes with EMPORIUM 😛
Another great architectural marvel is a circular building with ramps running all across. The first time I saw it, I felt its a space station having landed on earth with aliens welcoming me inside. 
And my favourite spot is a foot over bridge running over a man made water channel which though usually is dry. This is a perfect post card worthy location. 

For me the bridge is symbolic representation of human will and persistence to get over hurdles in life (the water channel here). The demographics of the place is such that in this age self doubt and fear are common. Hence, this structure makes all the more sense.

Having described the architecture of the place we move BACK first. Yes the history of this place.
This place has a legacy of over 130 plus years. Yes you read that right. To put into perspective the city itself is mere 67 years old. Having initially being constructed in the undivided British India, the place had to be relocated in the present day Punjab. 

However, born out of the violent incident of partition, the place has successfully upheld the constitutional values of respecting diversity and indeed is a melting pot with representation of people from across the states religion caste etc. 
The place in-fact has a transgender washroom ensuring that they feel welcomed. 

Exploring more about the social dynamics of the place I view it as a symbol of women empowerment. This place though, situated in a region which is (in)famous for gender selective abortion, falling sex ratio etc, still has a healthy and vibrant female population. 
What impressed me the most is that it has more hostels for girls than for boys. Now you know the answer, right ? This place reflects a change in the perception of our society moving towards a more inclusive equal society. 

With this I conclude the article reflecting upon the history, geographical location, architecture and social dynamics of the place. 

I hope my writing did justice to your imagination and took you to the centre of the place I tried to describe. 

Stay tuned for the follow up article with the answer and pictures of the place. 

Thank you for taking out time to read this. If you have got the answer do comment down below. Take a random guess otherwise.

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  1. A wonderful piece TBH!
    Despite being a student, I never really paid attention to these facts. This is a proper “Panjab University 101” class.
    Also, I would love to know, how does this rhyme with emporium? 😅
    And if the answer is not Panjab University, I will die with the exact chullu bhar paani present in library’s parking!


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